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  Here are some of the reasons we believe
  Propane Fuel is good for America

  • Propane is available all over the world so the fuel and fittings are standardized.

  • Propane does not go bad therefore it may be stored for very long periods of time so generators and seasonal equipment that sit idle, for example, are much more likely to start using propane.

  • Most carburetor problems are eliminated by this non gumming fuel.

  • Sparkplug maintenance problems are reduced.

  • Unlike a gasoline engine that "floods," and raw fuel enters the cylinders, washing past the rings and into the oil.

  • Propane fueling  is clean burning and it prolongs engine life having  a low carbon content, that does not contaminate the oil.
    "We have been running a 1967 Minneapolis Moline tractor that's factory propane & the 4 year old oil looks like its brand new."

  • Propane has an Octane of 100-110 and is currently much cheaper than gasoline.

  • The propane system is sealed making it difficult for water to enter the fuel system.

  • Contrary to some beliefs, Its very safe.

  • A proper propane system will automatically compensates for altitude.

  • Propane is not harmful to soil or water

  • Last but not least, it helps to Insure our energy independence.

    Propane Conversions

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