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LPG Conversion For Gasoline
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Conversion to Propane

   New Design Options for Dual Fuel
"Dual Fuel" Keep Your Options Open

  Farm Tractors Propane Conversion

  Convert almost any tractor  to dual fuel 
  Dual Fuel Conversion
  (Designed to Run on Propane or Gas)


  Suzuki Samurai / Geo Tracker Propane Conversion

  Dual Fuel Conversion  (Designed to Run on Propane or Gas)

Compatibility with Multiport Fuel Injection

  • Professional Brand Name Components

  • Clean burning means cleaner oil & fewer changes

  • Starts and runs great in sub freezing temperatures

  • Reduces engine ping under heavy loads

  • No obnoxious gas fumes in the garage or on your clothing

  • Easy installation non interventional configuration to your fuel system.


  Farm Equipment,Utility Vehicles, Golf Carts, Lawn Mowers, Sawmills



  • Propane is available all over the world so the fuel and fittings are standardized.

  • Propane does not go bad therefore it may be stored for very long periods of time so generators and seasonal equipment that sit idle, for example, are much more likely to start using propane.

  • America is behind European & Asian countries in the development of propane as an alternative fuel application.

Its Time For Alternative Fuel!

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