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Regulators  |  Mixers  |  Tank Brackets

   Regulators for 40 to 400 HP application

 Propane Regulator/Vaporizers with Primer


   Regulators for 4 to 40 HP application

T60StyleKN Style

Designed to provide maximum performance at all load demands, we select the most versatile regulator / vaporizers in the industry.

  • Optional range of vacuum for fuel initiation sensitivity

  • Applicable for Forklifts, Automotive & Utility Engines for equal or improved performance at a fraction of the cost of many OEM proprietary models. 

  • Will work with Vapor or Liquid feed.

  • Designed for simplistic durability & serviceability they can be rebuild with Impco, Woodward, Streamline and other manufactures repair KITs

  •  If you have questions on setup or application please don't hesitate to give us a call.


       Mixers for all size engines

    BLOS Mixer            Conventional Mixer


       Propane Tank Mounting Assemblies

    Tank Brackets Quality Finish

    Tank Mounting Hardware



  Farm Equipment, Utility Vehicles, Golf Carts, Mowers, Sawmills

Its Time For Alternative Fuel!

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